Friday evening November 1st the NLF-prizes 2019 have been awarded in Hotel van Oranje.

In the category MBO:
– MBO Technic > Imre Bakker en Rick Simons  – Leidse Instrumentmakers School with their entry Innovatie op het gebied van Nano Rovers
– MBO Non- Technic > Fabiola Kluck – MBO College Airport with her entry Vlog – FABIOLAKLUCK

– HBO Technic > Jasper Klein Mentink -INHolland Delft
with his entry Large-scale 3D printing of thermoplastic tooling for composite aerospace components
– HBO Non- Technic > Bastiaan Witte – Hogeschool van Amsterdam with his entry Improving the Natural Language Processing Pipeline to Understand Airline Customer Satisfaction

WO Technic > DSE Team Futura – TU Delft with their entry Futura: Hydrogen-Electric Tiltrotor Aircraft
WO Non- Technic > Magdalena Kucko – International Institute of Air and Space Law with her her entry The Issue of (Un)Fair Competition in the Airline Industry: Towards a Global Solution? 

Noordwijk Ruimtevaartprijs > DSE Group 08 Spring 2019 – TU Delft with their entry RAMSES: RAM Satellite for Earth Sensing
André Kuipers Ruimtevaartprijs > Rutwik Navalgund – International Institute of Air and Space Law with his entry Long-term Sustainability of Outer Space

The Excellent Aerospace Education Award have been awarded to INHolland Delft.

Also 2 certficates Excellente MBO-er have been awarded to
– Excellente MBO-er Technic > Kiki Goessens – Vista College
– Excellente MBO-er Non- Technic > Rose Kleefman – MBO College Airport