About the NLF Foundation

The Dutch Air- and Aerospace Foundation has been created by combining the General Snijders Foundation (1932) and the National Air Foundation (1934), later called the Fokker – Van den Berch van Heemstede Air Foundation, and has as main target the promotion of the Dutch Air- and Aerospace.

The foundation has the aim to promote and and arouse the interest for and involvement of the Dutch Air and Aerospace in the broadest sense, as well as taking measures which, for review of the board of the Foundation, will attribute to the benefit of the Dutch Air and Aerospace.

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NLF Prizes 2019

Friday evening November 1st the NLF-prizes 2019 have been awarded in Hotel van Oranje. In the category MBO:– MBO Technic > Imre Bakker en Rick Simons  – Leidse Instrumentmakers School with their entry Innovatie op Read more…