NLF Certificates of Honor

The Certificates of Honor are awarded each year to a maximum of three candidates.

Ir. Jan de Jong 

Ir. Jan de Jong is awarded the Certificate of Honor because of his contribution to the growth and development of Fokker Technologies, which was key in retaining a strong aerospace industry in the Netherlands. He is recognized for his integrity and personal involvement, but mostly for his work on the rebirth of Fokker.

Ir. Rudi den Hertog

Rudi den Hertog is one of the Netherlands’ most cherished engineers in the aviation industry. He was involved in the industry in the broadest sense, and is seen as the technical brain of the former Fokker organization.


Dr. Russel J.H. Wanhill

Dr. Russel J.H. Wanhill was awarded the Certificate of Honor because of his contribution as researcher of the Royal NLR to broadening the knowledge of fatigue behavior of aerospace materials and applying that knowledge for accident investigations. He is internationally recognized as a great materials scientist.

Cees P.M. van der Louw

Cees was awarded the Certificate of Honor because of his long service at KLM and her associated airlines, specifically for his work in preparation and execution of the Emergency Management and Response function. With his extensive experience (amongst others during the Bijlmer and MH17 disaster) he is not only considered an expert within SkyTeam, but also within IATA.

Generaal-majoor b.d. F.P. Schulte

Certificate of Honor awarded for his work for the Royal Netherlands Air Force, more specifically for the air force veterans and for the Military Aviation Museum Soesterberg.