The Dutch Air- and Aerospace Foundation has 4 different prizes

General Snijders Medal of honour

The General Snijders Medal of honour will be once in 4 years in combination

NLF Stimulation Prizes

Jan Dellaert Prize € 2500,00 -> MBO Technical
Albert Plesman Prize € 2500,00 -> MBO Aviation Services and logistics
Generaal Snijders Prize € 5000,00 -> HBO
Anthony Fokker Prize € 5000,00 -> WO
André Kuipers Aerospace Prize € 2500,00 -> WO, HBO en MBO
Martin Schröder Luchtvaart Ondernemers Prijs € 2500,00 WO, HBO en MBO

NLF Certificates of honour

Excellent Aerospace Education Award

As from 2014 the NLF decided to award a yearly Excellent Aerospace Education Award to an education or school, which to the opinion of the NLF Board, that has distinguished itself in a positive way