From 2014 onwards, the NLF decided to award a yearly Excellent Aerospace Education Award to an education or school, which to the opinion of the NLF Board, has distinguished itself in a positive way.
In order to qualify for the “EAE Award” the education or school must:

  • Provide good education, which fulfills the demand of the business community;
  • Maintain good contacts with the Air- and Aerospace business community and related knowledge institutions.
  • To have a goal oriented policy to interest students for air- and aerospace educations and business environment.
  • Organize events to arouse interest in air-and aerospace.
  • Have an active internship policy together with the related businesses.
  • Energize the students to, next to their studies, also actively promote the air- and aerospace environment e.g. through organizing excursions and lectures.
  • And of course support and interest students tp participate in the NLF programme “Stimulate to Excel” with the possibility to earn prizes.

NLF does not only want to award the “EAE Award “ to appreciate but also to stimulate. That is the reason why this award will be handed out maximally once per 3 years to the same education/school.
Of course you will understand that the board hopes that also winners will continue to continue to stimulate the youth in the air- and aerospace world.