Winner EAE- Award 2016 – Deltion College Zwolle

Educational institution Deltion scored clearly above the national average as to student satisfaction and degree of students passing their final exams (very high level of 91%). Students are allowed to work on and maintain two aircrafts in the hangar of the campus of Deltion, a perfect way of preparing for the real job ahead of them. Deltion has consistently been open for contacts with the businesses and has also participated in the prize program for most promising student of the MBO education. Peter Hoestlandt, teacher aviation technology, who is very commited for almost 10 years already in making this education a success and is offering extensive information on many high schools about this aviation technology education, elucidating on content, support byhis speech with small movies.
Peter and his team are able to motivate and coach students in such a way that they can almost independently participate in the half-day program on the campus.


NLF-voorzitter Jac Jansen, Deltion College – Peter Hoestlandt, TU Delft Joris Melkert